Hi saibharadwaj, In case of forgot password, you should use appzillonForgotPassword interface instead of createUser. appzillonForgotPassword interface request JSON is as defined below for your reference. Interface appzillonForgotPassword, let you validate against user's primary mobileNo or primary e...
Hi saibharadwaj

Set Allow user entered password value to 'Y' under application's security parameter details using Appzillon's Admin module or directly update column ALLOW_USER_PASSWORD_ENTRY to 'Y' and use the same user registration interface it should work.

Hi saibharadwaj, If I understand it right hope you are trying to register the user by himself/herself post which he/she will be able to use the same credentials to login and use the application. Kindly use "appzillonUserRegistration" internal interfaceId for the above said case. "appzillonCreateUser...
Hi Sreenadh, You would be able to achieve this leveraging on Appzillon's extensibility feature. Please write your own authentication logic validating users against LDAP server by implementing interface com.iexceed.appzillon.sms.iface.IAuthentication Mention the above written class's fully qualified ...
Hi Sreenadh,

From the screenshot shared, we could see only the request payload. Please share the response payload.
Also kindly do check AppzillonServer's MainLogFile and application server logs for further debugging.

Hi rogodw32,

There are different discussions elaborating the same. One such link is below, hope you will find it informative.

https://stackoverflow.com/questions/330 ... chitecture
Hi Sreenadh,

Kindly share the application server logs for the same.
Please check if you are passing authorisation header while invoking appzillonGetUserAppAccessToken request from Postman.

Unauthorised error is thrown only in case you pass adequate no authentication credentials or invalid credentials.
Hi Karthik,

You can set user level to 5 using Appzillon's Admin module under User Maintenance. User level 5 is enterprise user, whom will have additional privilege to not to expiry password.
In case password has to be changed, please reset user's password using Appzillon's admin module.
Hi, There are multiple ways to achieve this 1) You may use Appzillon's Admin module to update user status under User Maintenance screen. 2) Create and use Appzillon's DB service interface type to update user active status in table TB_ASMI_USER. 3) Write a custom code(Interface) around table TB_ASMI_...