We have a requirement where Login page should be displayed for the first time app login,for subsequent mobile app launch, Dashboard page needs to be displayed. Is it possible to modify 'First page' configured under Appzillon Project > First Page programmatically either using JS or Java? If yes kindl...
Sometimes, Appzillon IDE does not provide detailed error stack trace. Instead it provides generic message in log console (Ctrl + L) like 'Exception occurred while runing the process..','Exception in build' etc.
Kindly let me know where can I find detailed error stack trace.
In Appzillon IDE,by default Bundle Web/Server Properties (Build Server > Preferences > Bundle Server Properties, Build > Web > Bundle Web Properties) are checked. I would like to know which approach is better 1. Bundling configuration files like Log4j, Camel-context, appzillon-server-commons etc alo...
what is the use of the 'server' checkbox under Preferences>Features>Generic Features?
Do we need to uncheck it when we want to enable mock server?
what happens under the hood when we check/uncheck this option?
Kindly provide list of database tables that are cached by Appzillon server. This will help us to decide whether Tomcat restart is required or not after we execute SQL scripts.
In Appzillon IDE, Log path can be configured in multiple places 1.'Server preferences'. 2.Build > Web 3.Build server > Log Path Is it sufficient if log path is configured only in 'Server preferences' for both web and server logs? what is the use of providing log path configuration in multiple places?
In Appzillon IDE, there are two types of Authentication 'Plain Text' and 'Device ID'. Kindly explain the difference between 'Plain Text' and 'Device ID'.
Kindly explain advantages/disadvantages of using Micro App architecture? If loose coupling is the reason,then why Microservices architecture is not preferred in Appzillon?
We have a requirement where we need to define application URLs inside Javascript files. Instead of hard coding URLs,is it possible to use Runtime environment variables(Appzillon project> Static Data> Runtime environments) in Javascript files?
If yes kindly share the code snippet.