Please check if you are passing authorisation header while invoking appzillonGetUserAppAccessToken request from Postman.

Unauthorised error is thrown only in case you pass adequate no authentication credentials or invalid credentials.
Hi Karthik,

You can set user level to 5 using Appzillon's Admin module under User Maintenance. User level 5 is enterprise user, whom will have additional privilege to not to expiry password.
In case password has to be changed, please reset user's password using Appzillon's admin module.
Hi, There are multiple ways to achieve this 1) You may use Appzillon's Admin module to update user status under User Maintenance screen. 2) Create and use Appzillon's DB service interface type to update user active status in table TB_ASMI_USER. 3) Write a custom code(Interface) around table TB_ASMI_...
Hi Vinoth,

Please let us know the version of Appzillon you are using?
Hi Vinod, There could be multiple reasons for this to arise. 1) Primarily please check your login request is same as that in UAT. 2) Server & client nonce validation is a configurable parameter which could enabled or disable, please check if it is turned off in UAT while it is enabled in local envir...
Hi, Let me explain considering OTP is required for Fund-transfer scenario as narrated below. 1) Customer selects, From and To account, amount and remarks too. 2) On click of next, confirm with the customer that the initiated transaction information are correct. 3) Once confirmed send OTP to customer...

Can you please provide your requirement in detail? So that we will be able to suggest you with the best possible approach.
Hi, You shall create a new interface and define your data model for the respective API to be consumed by Appzillon application. Once interface is invoked from the application, API response data gets painted on client application. Kindly let us know if you still need further clarification on the same.
It depends on your deployment cycle, if your application undergoes frequent changes to the Web/Server preferences then externalised properties will server you the best.

Unbundled properties files should be placed within server's class path and need not be always with in WEB-INF/lib folder.
AppzillonServer doesn't support or do database caching. Since we use Hibernate as our persistence provider we leverage on only first level caching offered by Hibernate. To answer your question regarding table data which are cached within AppzillonServer and which requires Applicationserver restart, ...