Advantages/disadvantages of using Micro App architecture

Kindly explain advantages/disadvantages of using Micro App architecture? If loose coupling is the reason,then why Microservices architecture is not preferred in Appzillon?
Appzillon Development Platform is used to build omni-channel solutions. In most cases, channel solutions are service (API) consumers and not service providers. So, they would connect to a micro service architecture rather than implementing the micro service architecture within themselves. The micro app architecture supported by Appzillon helps in extending the micro service architecture to the channel layer as well.

Currently, most application development platforms support only monolithic app development. Even when they support modularity, it is limited to just a few areas. Appzillon's micro-app-architecture allows a feature to be developed as a standalone and reusable micro application. It further facilitates easy assembly of micro applications in a loosely coupled manner. In other words, this approach helps an organisation ensure that the flexibility provided by a micro service architecture in the middleware is continued in the front-end channel applications as well.

There are several advantages of this architecture as it allows distributed development and easy maintenance. The architecture has been implemented in Appzillon in such a manner that performance or application size are not adversely impacted. So, the traditional disadvantages associated with a loosely coupled architecture do not apply to this capability provided by Appzillon. One possible disadvantage is that there needs to be a certain level of discipline followed in building micro apps to ensure the highest level of modularity reusability. This is a very minor overhead compared to the advantages.