File Browser element

The File Browser button is working in Web whereas in phone when I click on Browse button no action is performed (Appzillon 3.5.5 - > File element).

Is there any change that has to be done?
File Browser Element is not supported in Android, as it is there is web.

For Android we can create a button, and call file browser plug-in on that, it will serve the purpose.
When I use the FileBrowser plugin and keep the fileCategory as DEFAULT, it opens the Sandbox path and the user doesn't have an option to browse from other file directories like Documents or Downloads.

If a user has to upload a document which is present in Documents folder how can the user navigate to that path in phone with this plugin?
For file browser plug-in when we give filterCategory as
, it will open the root folder of the application sandbox.

Where as to open storage root folder, from where user can navigate to various folders present inside storage like Documents or Downloads in this scenario, use
as a parameter for location.

Example json would be something like this :

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var json = {
"filter": "",
"fileCategory": "",
"location": "EXTERNAL",
"openFile": "N"
note: openFile can be "N" or "Y" based on preference.
var lparams = {
"id": "browseFile",
'callBack': apz.serreq.RaiseRequest.fnBrowseFileCB,
'filter': '.jpg, .png, .pdf',
"fileCategory": 'EXTERNAL',
'location': '',
'openFile': "N"

I am using this to filter the files that has to be choosen, but I am able to choose all types of files. Is there any modification that has to be done in the request?
filterCategory: The filter category field can be one of the following

It will open the image gallery in case of filter category PHOTO. Similarly in case of audio and video, respective gallery will be opened i.e AUDIO & VIDEO .

In case of DEFAULT, it will open the root folder of the application sandbox. In case of EXTERNAL it will open the root folder of local storage, so that any file can be selected.The filter parameter will be applied only when filterCategory is DEFAULT. If this value is blank, then the filter and location will be used to navigate to the desired directory. This parameter if specified will take precedence over the filter parameter.