Gradel Libraries

How to integrate Gradle supported libraries for data compression and other with Appzillon 3.5
To integrate gradle supported libraries in Appzillon, import the .aar file by right click and import it at the following place :
app >> OS Preferences >> Android >> Extension >> Archive Library

If any additional repository or dependencies needs to be added, then it can be added in
app >> OS Preferences >> Android >> Extension >> Gradle Properties
Hi Abhishek,

Can you share a sample to invoke any such library from javascript in appzillon environment. Also list necessary changes to be done at necessary levels.
To Integrate third party .aar files with Appzillon, we need to import the .aar file at following place :

app >> OS Preferences >> Android >> Extension >> Archive Library

Open file Main present at the following location

appzillon app >> OS Preferences >> Android >>Extension

Import all necessary files in import section

eg :

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import iexceed.amapp.APZEid;
Inside function nativeServiceEntry add code to launch the activity

eg :

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public static JSONObject nativeServiceEntry(WebView wv, Activity act, JSONObject jsonText) {
        String action = "";
        try {
            action = jsonText.getString("action");

            if ("launch".equalsIgnoreCase(action)) {

                APZEid.init(act, wv, jsonText);
                act.startActivity(new Intent(act,APZEid.class));

        } catch (JSONException exp) {

        return null;
Here we are importing a third party .aar file, which contains an Android Activity named as APZEid, which needs to be launched, when the action of passed json is launch.

JavaScript Code to call this extended plugin :

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var json = {}; = "NATIVE";
json.action = "audio";
json.callBack = apz.login.nativeExtCallback;