what is the use of the 'server' checkbox under Preferences ?

what is the use of the 'server' checkbox under Preferences>Features>Generic Features?
Do we need to uncheck it when we want to enable mock server?
what happens under the hood when we check/uncheck this option?
Appzillon Development Platform supports generation of front-end as well as back-end executable files. The front-end executable files cater to different target platforms such as ipa for iOS, apk for Android, war for web browser, etc. The back-end executable consist of application server war files and database scripts. They facilitate integration of the front-end with the underlying core services in a secure manner and also keep track of audit logs for the activities performed.

The core strengths of Appzillon are utilised to the fullest extent when the front-end as well as the back-end for an application is developed using the platform. However, Appzillon does not enforce such end-to-end development. If there is a back-end layer already available, then Appzillon can be used to build the front-end executable files alone and the back-end services of Appzillon need not be considered. In such instances, the app size can be optimised by excluding the front-end libraries that facilitate integration with the back-end services.

The Server checkbox under Preferences -> Features -> Generic Features helps you exclude server related front-end libraries when the Appzillon server components are not used. By default, it is checked. Whenever there is a need to generate the front-end alone, then this can be unchecked.