can we programmatically modify First page configured in IDE

We have a requirement where Login page should be displayed for the first time app login,for subsequent mobile app launch, Dashboard page needs to be displayed.
Is it possible to modify 'First page' configured under Appzillon Project > First Page programmatically either using JS or Java?
If yes kindly share the code snippet.

The requirement is very valid, but currently Appzillon does not allow to change the first page from the same application code.
There are multiple workarounds to achieve that, The ones which I would suggest are:-

1. Have a base app and launch the micro app conditionally, You could launch Login Micro app for the first time and the Landing from the second time (names are just used to explain).

2. Have a base app and launch the micro app by specifying the screen name conditionally. Micro app launch takes the screen name as the parameter and will launch the screen as a main screen or if a HTML ID is provided for the 'div' parameter with the screen name, the screen will be launched as a sub screen.

3. The last approach is to have a screen with no content as the first page to check the condition and to launch the screen conditionally. This is not recommended for Appzillon versions 3.3 and above.