Login hashing failed error

Hi Team,

We are new to appzillon, When we are use apz.server.loggin() API in some of the system login will work fine but for some system we are getting "Login Hashing failed" error.
Can anyone please help how to resolve this issue. do we need to change any setting?

Hi Chethan,

Please share more details like what are those systems in which login works fine and what are other few systems in which it fails.
HI Arthanariswamy,

Thanks for the reply. We are getting error while simulating the project in the laptop.
below code is working fine in some laptop and for other laptop we are getting error.
We are working on only one laptop not integrated to any other systems.

apz.admin.LoginScreen.login = function() {
var userId = apz.getElmValue(apz.adminAppId + '__Login__userId');
var password = apz.getElmValue(apz.adminAppId + '__Login__pswd');
if (apz.isNull(userId) || apz.isNull(password)) {
var params = {
'code': 'APZ-LOG-ERR'
} else {
var req = {};
req.userId = userId;
req.pwd = password;
req.scrsAccessType = 'A';
req.ifacesAccessType = 'A';
req.controlsAccessType = 'A';
req.callBack = apz.admin.LoginScreen.LgCB;
apz.admin.LoginScreen.LgCB = function(params) {}

If we download the admin application and try to simulate and login in the laptop its giving same error " Login hashing failed".

Note: We are using license version.

Hi Chethan,

Kindly share relevant webcontainer and server logs too.